We greatly appreciate your generosity for supporting SDHA.


Excel-2 Dr. Michelle Gan has generously provided SDHA the domain name (www.SDHunan.org) and hosting service for our website. For the Moon Fest 2006 celebration she donated $300.
chilimax 红辣椒湘菜馆, Chili Max. Address: 4957 Diane Ave, San Diego, CA 92117 Phone:(858) 279-2520
热忱欢迎各位来品尝我们地道湖南菜! Menu菜单
abgent July, 2005. Abgent Inc. (Chun Wu and Yingwei He) donated $500 to SDHA to cover some of the cost of the first Picnic Party. February 2006, Abgent Inc. donated $500 to SDHA for Happy Dog’s Year Party. Oct. 2006: they donated $500 again to our Moon Fest Party.
combi-blocks July, 2005. Hongye Zhang (Owner of Combi-Blocks Inc, which makes novel “drug-like” building blocks for medicial chemists and President of Sunshine Choir), donated $500 to SDHA.
BilleigeanLogoV2 Billeigean Enterprises, Inc. manages and coordinates the activities of the following business entities:
1. Billeigean Printing and Direct Mailing, Inc. 2. Billeigean Direct Marketing and Advertising. 3. Billeigean Technology
accef See what we can do to help some poor kids in China
BioAdvantagelogo2 长沙博优生物科技有限公司
2008 年4 月在长沙高新技术开发区正式成立, 专业代理经营快速诊断试剂行业的生物试剂原料、生产设备、耗材以及生物制药行业和实验室用滤器。
AllstateLogo Jing Zeng has been with Allstate for over 13 year(s) and have worn many hats in the company. Her tenure and experience has allowed me to not only understand the ins-and-outs of insurance, but also to service hundreds of families regarding their protection needs. She can help you protect the things that are important – your family, home, car, boat and more.